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Intrathecal pump

What is it?
An intrathecal pump is an implantable device that is used to deliver small quantities of medication directly into the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the spinal cord. The pump system consists of a pump and a catheter. Medication flows from the pump through the catheter through the theca of the spinal cord into the subarachnoid space.

How long does the Procedure Take?
The procedure for implanting an intrathecal pump approximately 1-3 hours, and the length of a patient’s hospital stay varies depending on his/her doctor’s preference and hospital procedures.

What are the Expected Results?
The implantation of an intrathecal pump is an effective way for most people to manage persistent chronic pain and reduce reliance on oral medications. Continuous intrathecal infusion eliminates the peaks and valleys of pain relief and patient-controlled analgesia pumps enhance the efficacy of continuous infusions by allowing the patient to administer bolus doses to control acute pain.