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We offer a number of pain management procedures and options for our patients that best fit their condition. We will treat YOUR pain and help you begin the steps to a pain-free life.

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Dr. Badawy is expertly trained in the most advanced spectrum of minimally invasive treatment options for pain.

Dr. Amr Badawy, MD, DABPM, DABA, FIPP – Associate Clinical Professor at University of Central Florida & Director of Orlando Pain & Spine
Dr. Amr Badawy, MD, DABPM, DABA, FIPP – Associate Clinical Professor at University of Central Florida & Director of Orlando Pain & Spine

Preeminent in his field and with over 15 years of experience in the field of pain management, Dr. Badawy is expertly trained in the most advanced spectrum of minimally invasive treatment options for pain.

What our patients say about Orlando Pain & Spine Center

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  • After the MILD procedure for my spinal stenosis by DR BADAWY which changed my low back and leg pains. Now after 10 days I can drive my car 3 hours be more active with family. I can stand and walk longer with minimal discomfort. The surgery was quick same day with very small incision..I took no pain medications after surgery. My pain now is 3/10 from 9/10.

  • I have 0/10 pain after back injection followed by shoulder treatment by DR BADAWY...I am so happy and can do more things

  • Over the years I have had several problems with pinched nerves in the lower back. I had surgery for two of them only to have long-term effects that, in one case, was more painful than the original source. I decided this time to see if I could avoid the scalpel. I researched Pain Management as a treatment and found it promising. A detailed search brought me to a pain management physician, Dr. Badawy. He treated me with an epidural corticosteroid injection. As is common with the first shot, it was only mildly beneficial, so I asked for a second injection. This time it was completely successful, and I couldn't be more grateful.

  • “Very thorough, precise and holistic. Dr. Badawy ensures he looks at the entire person and their conditions. He takes it step by step to break down the possible treatments and then explains in detail what the options are as well as the possible outcomes. He also considers all forms of treatment as opposed to the quick fix. My relief has been long awaited and enjoyed."

  • “One of the most amazing doctors I ever met! When i was referred to doctor Badawy, I was taking very high dosage of multiple pain pills with no benefit. DR Badawy set up a plan and discussed options with me. We decided to take the difficult rout of weaning and he prescribed me very different medications with medications to help weaning and avoid withdrawal symptoms. He also performed multiple injections that help to get rid of my pain with a lot less medicine. Thank you DR BADAWY you changed my life!!"

  • “Dr Badawy has the HANDS OF GOD!!! I don't normally write reviews but I want to help others who are struggling with chronic pain. I've been in severe pain for over 16 years now and have been to close to 50 specialists, and had 2 neck surgeries as well. I'm a research nerdy so I'd researched several pain management doctors and orthopedic facilities prior to coming to Dr Badawy. I was aware of unpleasant reviews written by others, but I can attest to the fact that he's a wonderful and caring doctor who will be your advocate and who is passionate about his profession. My observation is that cultural and language barriers exist between Dr Badawy and his patients. He speaks fluent English but he can be abrupt and frank (traits common in his culture, just like mine) without meaning to be rude and dismissive. He's unfairly reviewed by patients who don't understand him. His techniques and approach have enabled me to be a mother again and have a life almost pain-free! He's a miracle worker!"

  • “Great treatment, excellent service , great people! Doctor Badawy and nurses extremely helpful and the treatment they gave me worked wonders !!!"

  • “Great results with my pain!! I came to Dr Badawy in severe pain to my back and legs. I was not able to walk for a block and have to take multiple breaks. After his injections and management, my pain improved a lot and I was able to walk 3 miles without any breaks.I am able now to walk straight. I highly recommend Dr. Badawy and his practice."

  • “I am able to walk straight with no back or leg pains. When I met with DR BADAWY I was experiencing severe lower back and both leg burning pain. I was able to stand for few minutes and walk for very short distances with pain. DR BADAWY explained a new procedure to fix my spinal stenosis, minimally invasive with incision less than the size of a coin. I was very hesitant to believe and accept but I did it. I don not regret my decision, My pain is almost gone. I am able to stand and walk for longer periods with no pain. I wend home same day with some procedure pain but soon after few days I felt very different."

  • “Always very professional and very courteous!"

  • “I am pain free!! When I came to Orlando pain and spine my pain was 8/10 and i had severe low back and leg pains. I had limitations with walking doing my dishes or laundry. Dr Badawy discussed the plan and I received multiple injections. I feel like a new person, able to walk better, do my laundry and dishes. Able to spend a quality family time with my family."

  • Dr Badawy has been implanting new technology to help his patients with chronic pain. He is achieving unprecedented pain relief and outcomes in general. It is so exciting to see his patients go from a10 to a 1 or 2 on the pain scale. They are reporting significant improvements in their overall life!! Thank you Dr Badawy!!

  • No more cane for me!!! Forever grateful to you, Dr. Badawy. Your staff is great and the Hunters Creek facility is A+! Will recommend to all people with real pain. My hero!

  • I have suffered with back pain for over 25 years and had to deal with doctors treating me like I was a drug addict. When I first saw Dr Badawy, I was very cautious...but I have now found a very compassionate and caring doctor! He explains all treatment to me and does not run out of the door after a 2-minute consultation. If you need pain management and like being treated like a human, I highly recommend him!

  • I approve of Dr. Badawy! His staff is very courteous and his hands are magical!

  • Dr Badawy answered all my questions and didn't seem rushed. He seemed to care about helping with my pain. I have only seen him one time but he seems like one of the good ones.

  • A great doctor who cares about his patients. I had chronic headaches and been through many clinics, but Dr.Badawy was the only one who made the correct diagnosis and treated me right away!

  • Truly a great doctor, his patients call him the pain magician. He is very knowledgeable and explains everything in details. I highly recommend him to anyone. The staff is very helpful and friendly.

  • I spent close to 10 years going from doctor to doctor and wasn't happy until I went to Orlando Pain and Spine. Dr. Badway is the most amazing doctor - he treats you like an equal and is so caring. I have gotten numerous injections from him for my back pain and this man's hands are special gifts from God!